A Witch’s Drink: Herbal Iced Tea

Ok, this is probably a boring first post, but I’ve got to start somewhere!  Maybe you are like me, and you miss the Kool Aid and Sweet Tea you grew up drinking.  Now you’re a knowledgeable adult and you don’t want to drink that sickly sweet garbage, but you like a flavourful beverage to get your through your day. I drink tea all day long, usually hot (I live in a cold climate!), but when I’m thirsty, or the days turn to summer, I really want a refreshing cold drink.  I won’t tell you all the things I tried, most of them were dumb.  Although, I do still enjoy my syrups and rumpot once in a while–maybe that will be another post!

The answer to my dilemma was literally in my hands the whole time, my tea!!

The Brew

FullSizeRenderYou can really use any tea you like, I haven’t found one that doesn’t work well yet.  You can use the teas you make yourself, or commercial teas-whatever you normally enjoy.  I make about a pot for every day.  I either select one I’m in the mood for, or I might match it up to how my day is going so far.  For example, if I have stomach upset, I might use a tea with ginger or fennel in it.


It’s super-simple.  You brew your tea the way you normally do.FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

Add one additional teabag (or tablespoon) per pot, you want it to be a little stronger than normal.  Let it steep for a good while–I usually remember what I was doing about 45 minutes later and come to finish the tea!

IMG_8765Pour it into your container.  I use a 1L slim carafe.  If you want to add sweetener, do so while it is still hot, at least 10 minutes after you have started to steep.  Pop it in the fridge and pour over ice when you’re ready for a refreshing, healthy cold drink.IMG_8766


My husband finds it a little strong, so he just waters his down.  My kids love some of the flavours (even unsweetened!) and enjoy drinking my herbal iced teas.  If you find the tea too bitter, you can try doing a cold press.  In this case, you will pour cold water into your vessel, add your tea and allow it to steep very slowly in your fridge for 24-48 hours.  The tea will be delicious and there will be no bitterness.  This also works for iced coffee, by the way!

If you really are missing the red Kool Aid of your youth, try making rosehip and hibiscus sweetened iced tea.  It is similar enough if you haven’t had red Kool Aid in a few years, you’ll think its the same!

Some Herbal Teas that make really nice iced tea are: citrus blends, camomile, any kind of berry tea, peach teas, and rosehip tea.  Some of the more medicinal type teas are a bit odd, but I do enjoy them still.

I would love to hear what kind of herbal iced teas you enjoy making!  I’d love to see some pics and recipes in the comments!