The Witch’s Garden

For most witches, their gardens tend to be a place of great practical and spiritual importance.  For a hedge witch, it’s a little like a church.  For me, my garden feels a reflection of my health and wellbeing, it is a place to do work, and re-engage with the natural cycle of life.  It’s very therapeutic, the dirt in my hands, the feel of the flowers and the roots.  The earthy, perfumey, wonderful smells are nearly intoxicating.  Even the bugs are lovely (you can have the mosquitoes though!).  I find treasures and gifts in my gardens all the time.  I feel very open to the flow on the other side of the hedge when I’m in my garden.  Time seems to move in another direction. A witch may be very much in love with her garden, whether it is the small collection of kitchen herbs in the window of her apartment, or the vast acreages of a country cottage or farm.  A witch’s garden is more than just alive, it has spirit.

Back to my story…

Today I took my daughter Sun to the nursery to get some seeds.  I plan to put up a lot of oil of oregano this year and need more plants.  As always, I promised her she could pick out some seeds as well (lately it’s always sunflowers, how many sunflower rings are we going to have this year???).  Then I thought about all the extra tires I have lying about and why don’t I fill them with flowers for the butterflies and bees.  And we are slowly walking down isle after isle and everything is so amazing, and I’m feeling practically manic at the thought of spring planting and all my plans and the cart is getting fuller and fuller and the next thing I know, these guys are coming home to live with us: IMG_8751.JPG Oh you lucky little babies!!!  Falling Day is going to take such good care of you, and we are going to have such an amazing time together!!

The Shade Garden

I have a spot in the front of my house that gets no sun.  It’s a strange little place, and I’ve never known quite what I wanted to do with it, so every year I just pour mulch over it and watch the weeds wage war all summer and by fall, they have dominated and in spring it all starts again.  If you take a closer look at the picture above you’ll see hostas and scottish moss, some Alyssium, (pay no attention to the tulips and hyacinths, they are for a spring fairie garden). I picked all shade plants (…or maybe they picked me??)

A good witch will always listen to the ebb and flow of the worlds she can feel, and I think that’s why we are particularly good at reading signs.  This weekend I was prepping the mulch garden and came upon the most exquisite gift.  Just under the surface lay the most beautiful, delicate bones.IMG_8768  A small bird must have hit our window and died, sinking into the ground.  The ground creatures did an amazing job, picking the bones absolutely clean.  I plan to put ochre to them soon, once I make sure they are comfortable in my house…but that’s a story for another time.

So now, I will create a  shade garden under my window, in that strange little place.  I will pay tribute to the small bird with art and seeds and I think it will be a cool and beautiful spot.  I’ll also have a lovely place to put my new bones if they aren’t happy in the house, and I can visit with her often.