I hope everyone had a great weekend, whether you were celebrating Beltane, May Day or just a fine spring weekend!

Beltane Eve

My eldest son was a bit under the weather, so we had a low-key but lovely Beltane.  On Beltane Eve my daughter and I made this lovely Spring Fairie Garden:


On Beltane morning, the fairies had left some coins for my daughter along the little pathway!  I guess they liked the garden!

On the Eve, we also made a few wishes and left a few gifts.  We didn’t have any of the traditional trees, but we chose our favourite tree in the front yard, our crab apple tree.



We spent May 1 doing some gardening and spring cleaning.  While cleaning out some boxes for our annual yard sale, I came across something very special to me, that I thought I had lost long ago.  I’ll tell you the story a little later.



I made this amazing Beltane cake (recipe to follow!), which my husband and I got to enjoy after the we put the littles to bed.


So even though we didn’t get to have our bondfire this year, we had a great time!

Look for the following Beltane-related articles to be published soon: