Year Round Gardening

My amazing BFF sent me a year round vegetable gardening book today in the mail.  I may be an decent gardener, but my BFF could grow lemons in the Arctic circle.  Much of what I know about gardening comes from her.  She’s very brave and experiments with her garden like no body’s business.  She lives in an apartment and she has a bigger crop than I do each year!! Ok, to be fair, she has a garden plot in the country, but still, she has to drive over an hour to attend to it!!

I live in a place where winter dominates most months out of the year.  We have hot summers, but they are quite short.  In the winter I maintain a small herb garden, which I usually plant at  Imbolc, and sometimes the kids will experiment with the container gardening of vegetables, but essentially, we have to buy all our fruits and veggies.  For me, that’s kinda depressing.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of a winter garden for years, but never really got enough inspiration to tackle it (they are a pretty big deal to get started!).  I guess my BFF had enough of my humming and hawing and winter bluesing so she sent me this amazing book which may mean I can have a year-round garden!!!  This is a Hedgewitch’s dream!!!

Well, stay tuned!  I will be trying out some of the projects from this book!

Do you do any winter gardening? What have you got going?  Leave pictures and details in the comments!