My daughter has been asking for months for her own apron.  She’s borrowed her brother’s, and even one of mine when we’ve all been in the kitchen together, but I don’t blame her for wanting her own!  I encourage the kids to be in the kitchen as much as possible, learning how to cook and clean up.  I think it’s important for their sense of self and self-esteem; a part of their path to independence.  Kids can really surprise you, my son started making simple dinners when he turned six.  He still needed some help, but not much.  My daughter is more of a baker.  Sometimes I let her tell me some ingredients and we put it together and see what we make!  Sometimes it’s great, sometimes…well, it’s fun to mess around in the kitchen.

Anyway, this post is about an apron!  My daughter has done her time in the kitchen and she deserves one.  We went and picked out some fabric together, she chose a bright red flowery affair.  It’s a light canvas, so it will be durable.  I chose this pattern, for it’s absolute ease and simplicity: Sewing for Kids-Reversible Toddler Apron | The Stitching Scientist, it’s a great first apron for a child, I highly recommend it!  Aprons made from this pattern also make wonderful gifts, given with a kid’s cookbook and some little wooden spoons or spatulas.  It works up very fast and is fairly fool-proof.  The only changes I make were to add top-stitching and  to only sew one end of the neck strap in, and I attach the other with Velcro in case there’s ever a need to get it off a child’s neck quickly and easily.

Anyway, here is the finished project.

As always, if you try this project, take a picture and leave it in the comments!