What do you get for your kid’s friend for their birthday?  You ask your kid what they like, the  answer is either “stuff” or a list that sounds suspiciously like your own kid’s birthday wishlist.  You want to spend your money on a worth-while gift for this anonymous child, but you have no idea what to get.

You should get them a Birthday Piñata! It hardly even matters what you put in them, kids just love to bash stuff to smithereens and be rewarded with treats raining down from the sky!  You’ve giving them a fun experience.

I recommend buying a piñata, but I will post instructions on how to make them further down. You can buy them at party supply stores, Bulk Barn, and I think I’ve seen them at Target (before the incident that is).

You just fill them up and follow whatever instructions come along with them.  The kids will think they are absolute magic.  When it’s a child that’s a family friend, I usually include a gift certificate to a local or ice cream shop as well.

What to put in your piñata

Here’s a list of things to put in your piñata.  Remember your budge, though!  The great thing about a piñata gift is that the kids don’t care that much what’s in them, its the opening it that is magical.

      • Individually wrapped Candy, chocolate, gum
      • Snack pouches
      • party favors
      • Erasers or pencil toppers
      • Glow sticks, bracelets, wands
      • Small dollar store items
      • Small doll sets or series sets like Shopkins or a set of mini action figures
      • Toy soldiers
      • Little dinosaurs
      • Play-Doh (small containers, or better yet, homemade in plastic wrap!)
      • Ballons
      • Noise makers
      • An opened deck of cards
      • Small Stuffies like Beanie Boos
      • Fun pencils
      • Hair bands, clips or bows
      • Finger puppets
      • Stickers
      • Jewelled rings, toy necklaces
      • Spinning tops
      • Yo-yos
      • Squishy Toys
      • Stamps
      • Plastic toy cars
      • Small squirt guns
      • Mini balls
      • Small Bath toys
      • Jumping Frogs

So many things!  You can get as creative or as quick as you want.  Just make sure it’s something that won’t give a kid a concussion if it falls on their head, stick to small, softer things.

Making your own piñata

Ok, so–you really want to make this piñata.  Making a piñata is not difficult, it’s just time consuming and messy.  Here is the DeathStar one I made for my son’s 6th birthday party.


I made it following these instructions from Sara Mason, the only difference being that I used a beach ball instead of a punch balloon (and it worked fine).

Spiderman taking a whack at the DeathStar piñata.

You can make it different shapes by using different shaped balloons, and you can alter the shape somewhat while it still wet.

It’s one of those presents where you just can’t go wrong!

The mayhem as the piñata finally broke and the kids rushed in to retrieve their booty!