When my kids were little and still in diapers, I wasn’t a fan of the commercial wipes.  It seemed we often ran out at inconvenient times, but they also made my babies more prone to diaper rashes (my son especially had delicate skin and was prone to eczema).

I started making my own baby wipes using homemade washcloths for them which was wonderful for their tender little bottoms, and great on my wallet!  One weary night, I had just lay my daughter down and was too sleepy to much more than crawl into bed beside her.  I’m one of those people though that can’t stand not washing their face before bed.  So, I used one of the wipes.

It was fantastic!  It was soothing and smelled light and refreshing.  I began to use them every night, and everytime I wanted to quickly freshen up my face.  I use them to wipe off the kids’ faces after meals too.  Now both my babes are out of diapers and I’m still cooking up homemade diaper wipes in my kitchen!

Falling Day’s Facial Wipes (or Baby Wipes!)

  • 2 cups boiled water
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil (or other oil)
  • 2 Tbsp baby soap (or face soap)
  • Splash of witch hazel

Mix these ingredients together and allow them to cool a little (if you intend to use a plastic bin to store them). When cool, pour over washcloths directly into the clean container you intend to store them in.

I hear you can use soft papertowels for this too, if you want something disposable, but I haven’t tried that. We rarely use paper towels around in here, we favour these homemade washcloths, which are super easy and inexpensive to make!

Falling Day’s Fave Homemade Washcloths


Making the Wipes

So I’ve just mixed all my ingredients in my big measuring cup.

Now I’ve set it on the counter to cool. Depending on your storage container for the wipes, you may or may not need to do this.

Now pour it into the container, on top of the wipes. Soak all the wipes well.

That’s it!  They are ready to enjoy!