There’s something not quite right with Miri down the street.  The things in her head aren’t put together the way they should be.  She thinks she can see where the soul has been, before it travelled to this place, but she can’t.  She believes her dog is shy and timid because in a past life he was beaten with sticks by small children.  It’s not true.  Her dog is shy and timid because when he was a puppy, something unexpected happened.  He was only a puppy, so his memory about it is strange and confusing.  Miri is quite anxious about this quality in him, which has served only to make the dog’s hesitancy worse.

She has some things to say about my dogs too, and their past lives-but neither is this true.  Miri doesn’t know what to make of herself.  She preforms Reiki and runs an unpopular Healing Centre out of the basement of her home by the river.  Miri can’t heal anyone, Miri isn’t quite herself.  She wants to share the gifts she has, but she doesn’t know what they are.  I know what they are.  Miri’s gift is that her soul has survived to pass back through the thin veil and win back the parts of her that were ripped and torn and scattered across eons, across all the stars, and time, and space.

I know what happened to Miri before the last time she crossed the veil.  Now her soul swirls on the inside, beating against her mind like ship caught hopelessly in a maelstrom where the waves spin round and round, waves of rage and pain.  They beg to be let out, to flood out, to break free and unleash their power into the vast ocean, where the will be absorbed and consumed, and calmed and free and unalone.  When your soul doesn’t sit right in your body, it can send the mind into flux.  Miri’s soul is spinning round on it’s axis, not quite on the seat where it belongs.

But the very power of the Thing that created those waves, is also the thing that keeps her whole.  She hides it in herself in a little box that’s made of metal with sparkling jewels of many colours that flash and dazzle, a light all of their own.  It has a gravity unto itself that keeps her grounded though her soul may be unseated.  She hides that box deep within, wrapped in darkness and swallowed so deep down that she doesn’t really know it exists.  But that can’t stop the maelstrom and it’s power from crashing up against her mind.

And Miri can’t have that.  She can’t face it so it slowly drives her mad with numbness and confusion.  She feels a shadow of herself and knows there’s something she doesn’t know and it makes her uncomfortable, but it’s a bit like how a drunk feels when they know they need to roll over and change positions, but they just can’t summon the energy to do it, though they feel terrible having lay on one side for the entire night.  They just go back to sleep anyway.

I don’t know why Miri came back across The Veil after The Bad Thing happened.  Many souls choose not to return, to  pull back on the mortal shell to face the cruelties of this existence when they could sink into the warmth and the comfort and the happiness eternal that exist far beyond the crossing.  To put the body back on, its a dreadful feeling.  It’s cold and heavy and suffocating.  But Miri did and now she cannot face her demons.

I wonder what will become of Miri.