This is a simple way to make peppermint oil with your fresh peppermint. I should note that this method uses a carrier oil to infuse the peppermint oil from the plant into. This type of peppermint oil is not the same as the pure therapeutic grade essential oils you can purchase. But is still great […]

via DIY Peppermint Oil — Swamp Yankee Style


I need to make peppermint oil!  It’s been too long since I’ve had a little around the house. My favourite use for it is when I have a headache. I find it wonderfully soothing to mix a little of it with some almond oil and massage a a small amount of it on my temples, back of my neck and around my sinuses.

I also find just having a sniff of it helps me stay more alert when I’m feeling drowsy in the afternoons. Just a little push toward clarity!!

I’ve also found it helps to deter ants. We get ants bad during the summer and using a cotton ball to rub a little peppermint oil around the edges of my counters seems to discourage ants from taking over.

I can’t wait to make some more!!