I do a lot of upcycling, both for myself and for my shop, UpCycledHandMeDowns.  Here’s what I found on this week’s weekly junking.

Today I hit the local Value Village and hit gold in the ceramics department!

Here is the entire haul!

These guys are all destined for a Fairy Garden in the future!

I couldn’t quite get a picture of how lovely the colours of these old jam pots really are.  I’ll turn them into planters for something, probably succulents.

Couldn’t quite get the colour right on this one either.  It’s a lovely marine blue and brown.  It will go nicely in our Master Bath which has a beachy theme.  I’ll try to take another picture when it’s up!

Sweet little kitties!  These are actually salt and pepper shakers, but my daughter (who is three) loves to collect these kinds of things for her shelf.

Six great flannel receiving blankets.  These babies are destined to become baby washcloths and cloth baby wipes!

The ribbons will go into my collection for sewing and other crafts.  The books are all on my Goodreads list, except for the Gabaldon book which goes to a friend.  I’m also always collecting books for friends!