Gardening can be a great family fun activity. My kids love to plant the seeds and watch them grow. They even like to help me water and weed the garden, which is great for me! They are learning a useful life skill, as well a learning about science and connecting with nature. When they get […]

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There are some lovely ideas here for gardening with kids!  I know my children are big fans of gardening.  Since they were just wee, they’ve been putting dirt to pot and plugging in the little seeds.  They would anxiously await the day when the first little sign of green would come poking through the soil.  Then there is celebration and should that plant bear fruit (well, most likely veg) that could be eaten….there’s nothing my children won’t eat if they grew it themselves.

One winter Wolf grew carrots in a 2L pop bottle!  They were tiny  little things, tasted like dirt, he ate every single one with gusto! My daughter is especially interested in gardening.  On Imbolc every year she plants a winter  herb garden that often survives until it can be replated in spring.  She delicately tends to them every day with her little spray bottle and keeps me updated on their status.

Fairy Gardens are another way kids can really get into gardening.  There are so many different ideas!

Giving kids their own simple garden is a wonderful idea.  Once they know the basics of how to plant and keep care of their plants, give them their own little garden plot to plan and care for.  I love the ideas over at k.i.s.s..

I absolutely adore this idea of letting the kids do a garden around their playhouse!!IMG_9702

Another great way to get kids involved in gardening is to have them do some garden crafts.  My kids love painting rocks or decorating sticks and putting htem “strategically” in our gardents.  here are some good ideas from Family Fun Crafts.

There are so many ways to get your kids into gardening, And it’s a rewarding skill to grow up learning!