June is here, and soon it will officially be summer!  Long hot days filled with sunshine and life, it is one of my favourite months!  The oak is in flower now, and the Oak King is at his strongest.

HedgeWitch Goals for the Month:

    • Make a Sun Amulet
    • Harvest some of my wild strawberries and make Solstice Strawberry Puddingdsc08314
    • Make and drink more iced camomile tea img_9392
    • Enhance my connection with the outside world:
      1. Five RAOKs
      2. Visit an old friend
      3. Take a trip in nature
      4. Take part in a community event
      5. Complete a connection ritual
    • Collect and press some flowers 7040362_f496
    • Improve my edible wildplant lore

  • Start a tree lore book with the kids
  • Visit both the Oak and the Holly trees for a little meditative reflection of the year.
  • Sit through a quiet sunrise and sunset


I use the HedgeWitch Book of Days to help set my goals each month.  What have you got planned for June?