I don’t want you to grow up normal. I don’t want you to think that the only way to relieve a broken heart is a prescription for a bottle of pills. I want you to feel that hurt, to remember it… and …

Source: Why I don’t want my kid growing up normal

This piece hits a lot of points for me!  I always feel a bit torn between guiding my kids more towards the norm so that they fit in well with their peers, and nurturing their incredible uniqueness to explore their own way of being–peers be damned.

Having experienced some pretty extreme bullying already by the age of 4 (Junior Kindergarten, people: WTF?!!!), Wolf always seemed tempered down by peer pressure to conform to all the  norms.  He’s teased even for preferring basketball to hockey!!  Whyyyyyyy!!!!?!!

In the end, I’d rather they follow their own way.  It seems no matter what, their peers will find reason to tease them, they may as well endure having engaged in something they loved, rather than for something they did to fit in.

I know I followed my own path.  It may have lead to some hardship and sorrow, but in the end, I am me, and I don’t care if I seem a bit strange to others.  I don’t feel chained to social norms, I don’t care about many of the things people around me seem begrudgingly caught up in.

I want my kids to have the strength of character to be their true-selves.