This is so funny! It’s nice to have a list of busy work for kids to do when they want to “help” in the kitchen. Some stuff just isn’t kid-friendly. However, for the most part, I actually have my kids help in the kitchen. Sure, things turn out weird sometimes, but my kids (7 & 3) are pretty adept in the kitchen (now!).

When they were little, I had them banging on pots and pans with wooden spoons etc. As they started to get a little older, they started fetching dishes, tools and food from cupboards and the fridge. Then they moved on to finally helping with the food prep.
You’ve never seen a kid so proud as the one that has contributed to a family meal! It’s such a glorious sense of accomplishment for them.
My son Wolf could make two simple meals by the time he turned six. They were spaghetti (sauce out of a jar) and meatball subs (frozen meatballs and sauce out of a jar). He was so freaking proud when he would serve up these meals for the family on His Night to Cook.
Of course, he was supervised closely when using the stove, but we’ve never had a mishap.
They each like to make a contribution to holiday family meals. My daughter is big on baking, and Wolf can make a few veggie dishes.
I think kids are never to young to learn the basic life skills they will need as adults. It takes a really long time to become an adult, and we can’t start teaching them everything only a few years before they hit 18. Cooking is an important skill that is rapidly being lost among fast food and ready-made meals. Kids who take pride in their culinary skills will never have to depend on others for their meals when they become adults.

I am super curious about the knives in this article.  I had no idea they made sharp knives just for kids! I already ordered a set!  We have a long history of missing fingers in this family, and although my kids are very serious about safety, they are still kids.  Also, I think my husband should use these!

Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set



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