Reusing and upcycling are important and easy ways of protecting our environment. It’s also pretty easy on the pocketbook!   Don’t buy new if you can buy used!

It was another great day at the thrift store!  I found quite a bit of stuff.

I almost never find used shoes I’m willing to buy, so I’m excited about this pair of brown sandals.  I’m always looking for candles, and I needed a few new red ones, so this is great, white ones always go to good use.  There’s a casting plate in there too.  And I found a Fox and the Hound Classics VHS.  I will throw that up on EBAY and see what comes out of it.

2016-06-08 12.29.37

I’ve been wanting  to build one of these Birdhouse Teapot things for a while, now is my chance!

2016-06-08 12.29.45

I adore these little spoons.  I don’t really have plans for them yet!

2016-06-08 12.29.57

I’m a sucker for ironstone!

2016-06-08 12.30.29

I got two men’s XL shirts, they will become PJ pants for my kids!

2016-06-08 12.30.44

My son is going to be so excited when he gets home and sees this up in his room!