My friend has it rough!  She’s a tough cookie, but her first trimester is hitting her hard.  Sadly, it’s not all that uncommon to have horrible nausea that goes beyond “morning sickness” when pregnant.  I decided to put together a little care package for her based on my Sick Kit that I keep at home.

Photo 2016-05-26, 3 41 16 PM

I packed in all the things I could think of that brought me any comfort when I was nauseated during pregnancy.  The kit includes:

  • Plain potato chips
  • Digestive cookies
  • Ginger ale
  • 7-up and instructions for 7-up slushies
  • Hydrating  drink and instructions to make it into ice cubes to suck on
  • Applesauce
  • Bullion Cubes
  • Saltines
  • Lipton Cup A Soup
  • Gaviscon
  • Motion sickness bracelet
  • Lemons (I used to keep them everywhere, sniffing them helped take the edge off the nausea)
  • Some homemade ginger chews
  • A menu for meals I could bring over for her or her family
  • Invitations for playdates at my house for her older kids
  • The Motherisk pamphlet for surviving morning sickness and their NVP hotline

I put it all in a shoebox wrapped in cheerful paper and left it on her front door.  With any luck, the second trimester will treat her much better!