Every year the Scouts of Shining Waters holds an all sections camp at Pitman’s Bay in Huntsville.  This year we were able to join the 60+ Scouts who participated in this family event.  There was canoeing, hiking, archery, arts & crafts, campfires, skits, songs, jokes, swimming and of course, lots of shenanigans!

2016-06-10 16.01.17
View of the beach.  I love this area, the Canadian Shield provides such lovely rocky features.
2016-06-10 18.12.50
Sun, just enjoying life in the Great Outdoors!
2016-06-11 10.38.42
Tent City!  Most of the Scouts were set up in this field, except the Venturers who had lovely hammock tents set up back in the woods.
2016-06-11 11.26.59
Archery was a favourite amongst the kids, as you can imagine.  The Scouters did a great job of teaching them.
2016-06-11 12.30.22
After a treacherous hike along the rockface (gulp!), we stopped on this spot for an amazing lunch of hotdogs etc.  It was a lovely spot.
2016-06-11 13.41.20
This was the one spot I could actually take a picture of Wolf during our hike.  There was no trail, and there were places where we had to scale the moss-lined rock face.  I’m an experienced backpacker, and that hike was very difficult, especially for the beavers.  Many a scout was patched up along the way. 
2016-06-11 15.44.45
After a morning of scheduled activities, the youth were unleashed upon the shallow water.  There were many water fights, sand castles built, and fun had.
2016-06-11 16.56.20
Wolf went for three canoe rides this day!  Here he is (middle) with his own leader, Scouter Sunshine.
2016-06-11 20.24.11
Our campfire on the beach.
2016-06-11 20.27.51
Wolf joining the local Cub Scout group in a little skit during campfire.
2016-06-11 20.47.25
So this was interesting.  We all wrote down a wish and the Venturers canoed out and set them all alight on the waters.  A little pagan for an organization that makes you promise to love God, but whatever–I approve!
2016-06-12 09.11.59
Wolf, looking pleased with the trip in his Beaver Scout uniform.
2016-06-12 09.51.12
A big part of what Scout Camp is all about: Making new friends.
2016-06-12 09.51.55
I think the best part about Scout Camp is that the kids get the chance to play with other kids all day long in the outdoors.  One of the few times it seems that kids just get to be kids.