When you’re an adult, and you want to give your Dad a Father’s Day Gift that means something, don’t go digging in your wallet.  My dad and I live a country apart, and don’t get to spend much time together anymore.  But a few years ago I wrote this to him on Father’s Day, and every year he pulls it out to look at it.

Some great childhood memories of times spent with my dad:

  • Bring 9 & playing Rummy for four hours straight until 1 am
  • Rainy day picnics watching Fables of the Green Forest
  • Watching The Breakfast Club & Fright Night about a million times one summer
  • Driving around in a beat-up Ranchero listening to Steppenwolf, The Who, Led Zepplin and Muddy Waters over and over again
  • Learning to drive in the beat-up Ranchero
  • Long walks through the woods, mountains, gravel pits, fields, rivers , neighborhoods; my dad knew all of the cool places a kid would like to discover
  • Colouring with me in CareBears and My Little Pony books on boring days
  • Adventures on a Harley-Davidson
  • Putting up Tie-dyed clouds on the ceiling of my room
  • Letting me plaster the walls with heavy metal posters at 12
  • Dark Shadows
  • Lord of the Rings, Little House in the Big Woods, Gus the Firefly, the epic bedtime stories
  • Billy Jack, Cool Hand Luke, A CLockwork Orange, The Godfather and the rest of my Classics education
  • Chasing me down the grocery isle with a box of tampons
  • Theatre life
  • That white water rafting trip on the New River
  • Stopping at the corner store for chocolate milks
  • Staring up at the night sky
  • That time you told me you were going to go bald and I cried and cried and cried
  • Talking to me about the songs on the mixed tapes/CDs I made you, so I’d know you were listening to them and taking an interest in the things I like

We didn’t ever have much in the money department, but we had a lot of love.

I can only hope that one day my kids will remember their childhoods with me with as much laughter and love as I remember mine with my dad.  We had a lot of hard times, but never did I doubt there was love.

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