Here’s a ritual out of my own Grimoire.  A Sun Amulet is one in which you capture the magic and the energy of the sun, and keep it with you during the long days of cold.  The idea is that it will give back a little warmth.  You keep it with you, and when you’re feeling cold or down about the long grey days of winter, you hold it and rub it a little and it will help bring back the feelings of warmth and summer sunshine.

Making the Sun Amulet


During the week leading up to the Summer Solstice.  It must be done while the Oak King is at the height of his power, and the Holly King has not yet started to regain his power.  The sun must be out and shining bright.  The absolute ideal time is when the sun is highest in the sky.


  • Red Candle & candle holder
  • Casting plate
  • Fresh plucked daisy flower (just the flower head)
  • Fresh ground pepper, chili flakes or cayenne
  • A paper towel, or old (but very clean!) cloth


In a green space, facing the sun.  No Shadow should touch you or your materials.  It would be best if you were not interrupted.

The Ritual

  1. To the sun, hold up the (unlit) candle, spice, and daisies in one hand.  Cup your hand over top.  Charge the items with the feelings of brightness and warmth.
  2. Light the candle and create a pool in your casting plate.  Sprinkle your spice into the pool.  Place the daisy (or daisy petals) into the poll.  Enclose them in the wax (feel free to add more).  Place the lit candle into the candle holder.
  3. Carefully use your hands to roll it into a stone-shape (it’s going to be hot, don’t burn yourself!).  Hold up the amulet and while channeling the warmth of the sun say: “Power of the sun, charge this spell till it be done.
  4. Thank the sun and the Oak King, and as always, The Mother.
  5. Take your paper towel or cloth and wipe the sweat from your face and neck (if you have performed this ritual at the right time, there will be sweat!).
  6. Place any remaining candle wax that isn’t on the candle or hasn’t gone into the amulet on the paper towel/cloth, along with any spice not used or daisies/parts of the daisies not used.  Bundle it all up and squeeze with thanks again to the sun, the Oak King and The Mother.  This is their gift.
  7. Bury the bundle in a sunny spot.  Make a mark of the sun above it.  This is the gift back to the gods, and also the power that ties this amulet back to the earth.
  8. Put your amulet in a special amulet box (trinket box) or amulet bag.

Some Notes about HedgeCraft Rituals

To prepare  yourself for making the Sun Amulet, you should cleanse yourself.  Have a nice relaxing bath or shower.  Use soap that reminds you of summer (I used lavender soap and strawberry shampoo and conditioner as a nod to Strawberry Moon this month).  Wear something comfortable and flowy, that allows the breeze and summer air to touch your skin as much as possible (but not something you will set yourself ablaze with using your candle!!).  I often use a sun dress my husband brought me back from Hawaii.

I don’t want to be responsible for your sunburn, but it’s best if you don’t wear sunscreen or anything that might block the energy of the sun. No hat either.

Go slow and be careful, you don’t want to burn yourself.

It may take some time in the sun for the wax to cool enough for you to touch it, so don’t be rushed.  My fingers are quite used to the feel of hot wax and it doesn’t bother me very much, but there’s no need to scald yourself.

A casting plate is something you use to “cast spells” on.  It should be a neutral object which is simply a place to put your items on when charging them and letting the magic work.  I have a few different kinds.  You can find neat ones at your  local thrift store!  Just get whatever calls to you, and is burn resistant.

I bring everything out on a special tray (sort of like a portable altar, except I don’t really have an altar).  You can use it to do your ritual on, like a table…but better yet is contact with the grass or whatever earth you’re sitting upon.

If you’re wondering why there’s no casting circle, HedgeWitches don’t tend to use one.  .