This is how I make Wolf’s camp shirts (he wears tanks and muscle shirts all summer). At the end of the school year, he’s already long been wearing Tees and his long sleeves are just sitting around unused. Some will still be big enough to wear next year, but most won’t be. BUT, they’re still big enough for summer!

This is the easiest refashion you’ll ever do.  There’s no sewing and it takes less than 1 minute.  And it will save you a lot of money!

Longsleeve to Muscle Shirt

A Simple Refashion Tutorial

  • Take a long sleeve Tee  image
  • Take off the sleeves just outside the sewing hem (so that you are also cutting that part off. imageThe clever part is that when washed, knots won’t unravel, they just curl a little bit, so it will cover up your scissor marks.
  • Aaaand you’re done!image
  • Yep.  It’s that easy!!image

Having just written this, I realized I should do this for Sun, too!  Duh!!!!