I made these lovely Sun Medallions from Ozark Pagan Mama for Summer Solstice gifts for the kids. I started them the week before the Summer Solstice and let them dry in the sun for the following week and a half. I think they turned out great!


The kids love to make up games with them. sunmedallions6So far they’ve been fairie coins, pirate dubloons, magical runes, a memory game, and counters. They love to carry them around in the little drawstring sacs I made for them like real treasure.sunmedallions4

Ozark Pagan Mamma

With Summer Solstice coming up in a couple of weeks, now is the perfect time to make sun medallions for a treasure hunt! I first came across this idea well over a decade ago in the book “Wiccacraft for Families” by Margie McArthur. My older kids and I had so much fun making them. Once we painted sun symbols on wooden disks, but then found it was much more fun to use salt dough. I even found sun-print fabric and made little drawstring bags for them to put their sun treasures.

Its been a while, but I’m making some again! I rolled out a batch on my own today, but will probably make more with my teenagers later- they’ll have fun hiding them on Solstice for their little brother!

I used regular strength salt dough for this:

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
¾ cup water
yellow food…

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