Every once in a while, I let my 3 year old make dinner.  Yeah, it sounds crazy maybe, but it’s not as crazy as it may seem!  It’s my belief that kids learn best by participating in the activities of daily living.  It takes them time to learn how to do all the things we take for granted, but don’t underestimate them!  They can learn more than you think.  Your job is just to tolerate the imperfections they might produce along the way.

So, tonight Sun wanted to make dinner.  I had no fancy plans, so I said sure.  Here’s what she made:

Sun made dinner

Well,  you didn’t think it was going to be beef bourguignonne did you??  I think she did pretty well.  The best part is how proud she feels about herself.  It’s a pretty powerful feeling, to be able to make not only your own food, but also to make food for others!

Let’s take a closer look:


She’s prepared: Grapes, laughing cow, a cheese string, PC White Cheddar and Rosemary crackers, rainbow goldfish, plain yogurt and chopped tomatoes (chopped herself with these awesome kid-friendly knives:Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set)

Maybe not the most balanced meal on earth, but certainly not the worst!  She’s happy, we’re all fed.  That’s what dinner is all about 🙂


So go ahead, let your little kid take control of dinner once in a while.  You might end up eating cake and cookies, but what the heck, you can live a little.  🙂