It’s so hot today!!  We are doing some pool maintenance so our usual go-to for hot-weather activities is off limits for now.

Still, we don’t want to hide inside so today, we are painting ice!image
I put some ice in a take-out tray, got some paint brushes and water paint and we’re good to go!

imageIt it looks pretty. It’s neat because it runs off into pastel rainbows on the tray, and the ice goes back to being in-coloured so it’s a self-refreshing painting surface!  Sun painted for about 15 minutes then turned to paintings herself!!image

Thats OK!  We’re outside and we’ve got the sprinkler going, so no better time to use yourself as a canvas!

Altogether his activity took about 1 minute to prepare, it lasted about 30 straight minutes, and she keeps going back and forth between this and other activities.  So I’d call it a win!