Anyone can take a Witchy Walk, you certainly don’t have to be a witch.  The main difference between a Witchy Walk and a regular walk is that a Witchy Walk has no physical destination.  It simply takes you where you need to go.

cottage_door_by_pattimae2706-d2zcf8gTo begin your Witchy Walk start at  your front door.  Take a deep breath and focus on a decision you want to make, or an issue you want to better understand.  Or simply clear your mind and open yourself to the will of The Great Mother.  When you are ready, pass through your front door and look for a sign of which way to go.  It can be anything at all that you identify with your senses.  It could be the strong scent of a lavender plant, sighting a small and interesting stone, the feel of the warm summer breeze on your cheek, the sound of a bird, whatever you perceive to be a sign, head in that direction.

At each crossroads, look for a sign and follow it.  Keep doing this until it leads you where you need to go!  It may lead you to a tree or flower, or perhaps a landmark or a house.  Try and figure out what it might represent, and what that might mean to you and your question or issue, or where what the Great Mother is trying to communicate to you.  two-paths

These walks are very therapeutic.  It’s a time to just let your mind wander and be open to where it takes you!  You never know what you might learn about things, or about yourself!

If you have kids, let them lead a Witchy Walk.  Kids have the most extraordinary ability to take you to very magical places.

Merry wanderings!