July is the height of summer.  The kids are out of school (gulp) and the world is ours!!  We have plenty of plans: lots of camping and also summer camps, hanging out with friends, cookouts and pool days.  It’s going to be busy!

July is a time to enjoy the energy of the sun and earth; a time of grounding and abundance.  The sun is bright and fierce and shining brightly in the sky (well, mostly!).  This is the perfect time to connect with the element of fire.  We can use some of that energy to recharge our own batteries.  A fire ritual can help you achieve a particular goal, and it’s a great time to do it!

Lavender, feverfew, mint and marjoram are at their height.  We will tell the story of Branwen under the Buck Moon.

Hedgewitch Goals for the Month:

  • Take a few Witchy Walks13528862_617735168400633_332227661786137550_n
  • Help the kids make a magical map
  • Fire Ritual or Healingcampfire_edited-11
  • Cook with Fire (my husband is especially happy that this is part of my religion!)13557942_10154271454802812_5436054245838512340_n
  • Be more mindful of my everyday magic
  • Work on my Grimoire

    This is not actually mine, I prefer a very simple green moleskine.  I’m a bit superstitious about photographing it though.
  • Bake with fresh fruit

    Strawberry Lemon Balm Scones Recipe
  • Ritual for healing and blessings to Europe
  • Spend more time outside in barefeetbarefoot-on-the-grass
  • Light a beeswax candlebeeswax2

I use the HedgeWitch Book of Days to help set my goals each month.  What have you got planned for July?