Using herbs to aid digestion is as old as the hills.  Even animals will do this (with varied success).  It’s smart to keep some tummy tea on hand is a great way to stave off a stomach ache.  It works particularly well for me, since I’m prone to kidney stones, and therefore try to stay away from calcium-based antacids.

I haven’t tried Swamp Yankee’s Nausea tea yet, though I can attest that those herbs should provide some relief.  Her Indigestion/Acid Reflux tea is exactly what I reach for out my Apothecary when I feel those stomach acids rising up. The fennel is also particularly helpful when you feel bloated with gas.  Sometimes I just munch on fennel seeds if I’m feeling crampy with bloating, or eating something I know will cause it.

Summer time means a lot of picnics an bbq. It also means a lot of different foods that can cause digestion issues and upset stomachs. Rather than popping a lot of pills to aid in your digestion dis…

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