I don’t know about you, but this heat is really getting to me.  It’s making me very grumpy, and I seem to have this tight ball of aggression and anger curled up in my belly.  I don’t think this is so unusual, everyone seems a little more edgy than usual.  Did you know the Greco-Romans believed these feelings were amplified during the ‘dog days of summer’ thanks to the intense heat and unrelenting brightness?

Is the Dog Star to blame for inexplicable negative energies during the summer?  The Ancient Romans thought Sirius had a very strong powerful and aggressive energy capable of turning humans into salivating dogs, thirsty for relief and hungry for satisfaction.

This candle ritual will help you channel your negative energy out and away, hopefully leaving you more calm and relaxed in its wake.

I recommend doing this outside, but you can do it indoors if you like.  If you are doing it indoors,  you’ll need to face a window.



  • Orange candle (I recommend a tea light) 2016-07-25 12.18.44
  • glass of water (preferably charged with the cool, calm of the moon)

Place the glass of water beside your candle.  Put the candle directly on the earth (on the floor if you are inside).

Take a deep breath and place your fingertips over the top of the (unlit) candle.  Let all your negative feelings flow into the wax.  Imagine that you are a teapot.  Negative feelings have flowed in through the top, and now you are going to let it out through the spout.  It flows out very easily, it wants to come out and into the candle.

You’ll know when your negative emotional energy has fully poured into the candle because you will feel drained and empty and rather hollow.  If you don’t, put your fingers back over the candle and keep going, don’t fight those feelings, let them flow through you and out of you.

2016-07-25 12.20.54

When you feel the emptiness and indifference, light your candle and relax your hands, palms up to the sky.  Be loose and relaxed.

Gaze into the flame and watch the wax melt into the heat and light, your negative feelings are fuel for that fire.  Watch as they turn into flame and burn away, back toward the sun from which they came.  You can say a spell here that you wrote ahead of time if you like:  Name your negative energies and feed them to the sun.

As your feelings travel through space and time to the sun, they will be obliterated by it’s power.

Now you can invite the positive energies of the earth to come into your heart and belly.  Imagine the cool, lush forests, the cold damp of the rich soil, etc.  Visualize those energies entering your glass of water and infusing it with their calm, cool energies.  You can say a spell here too that you’ve written ahead of time, to help call the powers of the earth into your water.

Now take thirteen sips of water, breathing deeply in between each sip.  Enjoy the glow of the candle flame and notice the feeling of the magickally charged water gives you.  The Great Mother is with you, cooling you down in body and spirit with her earthy power.

When you are finished, drip some of the remaining water on the candle to extinguish the flame.  Take a long deep relaxing breath, and marvel at the calm and peace you feel inside and go back to your day.

If you can, bury your used candle by flowing water on the  next full moon.