It is the time to cut John Barleycorn dead,

His blood will spill all berries red.

We will bury him in the earth where he will rest for a year, And he will spring up again next year with a shout and a cheer!

Oh August, you are so busy!!  This is the month we always plan our Big Family Vacation.  we seem to take a lot of little family vacations throughout the summer, but the end of  August is when we we take upwards of seven full days and go somewhere and spend time enjoying each other’s company.

Funny thing about August, while for many of us, it is the absolute height of summer, the most summery month of them all, in the celtic tradition, it’s more aligned with autumn, because while warm, the first harvests will start this month.  I guess that’s not quite true in all parts of the world (especially in Australia where they celebrate Imbolc!), but in the Northern Hemisphere it’s the month when we really start to feast upon our labours.  Or, you know–all the good stuff starts showing up in the produce section at the supermarket.

This is the month when we celebrate Lughnasadh/Lammas, we will visit festivals and celebrate, and we will tell stories of John Barleycorn under the Dog Days Moon.

HedgeWitch Goals for the Month of August

  • Celebrate Lughnasadh with Cider and fresh produce, maybe make a Lammas sticklammas245b15d
  • Make some Lammas Breadbread-s
  • Bless our Homewpid-wp-1404806501759
  • Make some Witches’ Bottleswitch-bottles
  • Use some Colour Magic to empower places in our home5519129659_035b031027
  • Work a little food magickitchenwitch
  • Bake a loaf of bread to share with friends and leave an offering for the spirits of our home
  • Start preserving my herbs for winterherbs-square20jpg

I use the HedgeWitch Book of Days to help set my goals each month.  What have you got planned for August?