My daughter collects them absolutely nonstop.  She’s like a squirrel, only taller.

So this darling little tutorial to make a completely different kind of acorn necklace came across my path and I’m pretty sure now that Sun and I will be making a lot of acorn necklaces this fall.

Check it out!

Immediately after making these Happy Acorn Necklaces, the girls each chose two of their favorites: one for themselves & one for a friend. When they returned home from school that same day, they reported that all their friends wanted one. So when you make these necklaces, just make a slew of them to give away, because giddy girls across the land will want one. Promise…


This tutorial can be found at: DIY: Happy Acorn Necklaces

And here are some more tips on how to paint and decorate Acorns: How to Paint Acorns