On this day the world stands upon the knife blade between light and dark.  The Mother will turn toward crone and we will prepare for her to take The Great Sleep. There is much to do to ready for the Great Sleep.  She will give to us the last of her warmth and embrace in the crops of her earth.  We know we must prepare for the time without her. She must look toward sleep knowing that her children are taken care of, that we’ve put up food enough for the long months of cold and darkness.  She whispers to us that she starts to grow tired and must soon sleep so that she may rise another time and take care of her children.  The leaves of all but the evergreens, who guard her sleep will fall and cover our Mother with a beautiful blanket with which to rest before the cold of sleep brings snow and ice.  When she sleeps we must be ready for dark days without her warmth and abundance.  As she drifts off to sleep the world will be beautiful with the colour of her, and when she is sleeping we will have only shades of gray and blue.  She will be beautiful again when she awakens, and brings colour back to the world.  She will be young and fresh and ready for a new year.  But, she won’t wake fully again until we meet this sister day on the other side of the year, but now she grows so tired, and we must ready her for sleep.myasoedov_harvest