October is a special month for Pagans.  It is a time when the veil between this world and The Next grows thin.  It is a time to communicate and remember our ancestors and loved ones who have gone across before us.  This Samhain Ritual is often done during the month of October, and of course, on Halloween night! This practice is from The Hedgewitch Book of Days.

Samhain Ritual

It involves a candle, a small sprig of rosemary (or dried rosemary), and sage leaf (or some dried sage).  Sit a dark and quiet area, focused on your lit candle, visualizing a loved one who has passed or an ancestor you’ve felt a connection with.  Hold the Rosemary (for remembrance) in one hand and say:

I will remember and hold you dear, I send you blessings this coming year.

Then take the sage (for wisdom) in your hand and say:

Wisdom from the other world, Messages now start to unfurl.

Watch the candlelight and focus on anything shown in the shape of the flame or your mind’s eye.