Hello Friends!  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post. If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been terribly sick with pneumonia these past several weeks.  I’m finally able to get out of bed and start resuming my normal life again, but it’s a challenge to not over-do it, especially after being out of it for so long!  Its difficult, for Hedgewitches, Samhain is the most important holiday of the year.  It’s the third harvest holiday, a time of great change; a kind of New Year.  Although, I guess it would more accurately be described as celebreating the end of the year.  As the Great Mother goes to her sleep, we are prepared to face the coming months without her life-giving force sustaining us.  Things slow way down.  In the darkness and sleep of winter, we spend more time indoors, engaging in quiet activities, resting and building our strength to begin planning again for the fruitful days of summer in late winter.  It’s a time of great celebration, and also of reflection.  It’s a vulnerable time when our goddess goes to her sleep, and the veil between this world and The Other things, when we reach out to our ancestors and seek wisdom and knowledge.  It’s a hugely important time.


Me, right before the pneumonia set in.

At any rate, most of my usual plans for Samhain and Halloween went right out the window.  Which is alright, you can’t do what you can’t do!  We did manage to pull together a few things!  So I guess for this post, I’ll just catch up on all the comings and goings in October, as well as our Halloween & Samhain stuff.  Tutorials will follow!!



We celebrated Thanksgiving right before I fell ill.  It was a fantastic feast!  We not only had delicious turkey, a potato casserole, green beans and my husband’s famous homemade stuffing, but we also threw a pork butt in the smoker and had delicious pulled pork that last weeks.  It was great!

Ghost Wreath

2016-10-16-11-56-24So, there I was lying around in bed, starting to feel a bit better, but not really able to get out of the bed when my husband (who thankfully was able to cancel his weekly trip to San Francisco and take on the roll of Stay-At-Home-Parent/Nurse), took my son to Scouts and left me with The Girl.  She’s an independent sort, for a 4 year old, but she was feeling a bit put-out at not doing any of our usual crafty-things together around the holidays.  Inspiration hit me when I looked around at the materials at hand.  We spent about 30 minutes making a bunch of Kleenex ghosts (we made more than one wreath!), then made these wreath forms out of paper plates.  Voila!  We had a new Halloween decoration!

There were also a few other crafts done, and decorations put up.  Notice the weed hanging from the door?  My daughter does this all the time.  She picks weeds, flowers, rocks, pinecones, etc. and hangs them or places them all around the house constantly.  I’m not totally clear on why she does this.  I do it on occasion, as part of a ritual or protection, but she does it nearly every day.  I just think she is a natural witch  :).

Scout Halloween Party

Meanwhile, over at scouts my son was having a great time at their Halloween Party.  There was apple-bobbing, pin the bones on the skeleton, donut-on-a-string and sac races.  Did you know Scouts Canada supports Paganism?  People think of it primarily as a Christian organization, but that’s not the case at all!

Burning Bay Leaves


I did manage to burn some bay leaves.  Probably I should have asked for good health, huh??

Some Cool Weather

I was really feeling down that I wouldn’t be able to get out and enjoy the best time of Autumn.  Where we live here in Canada, the leaves are in full colour for only a couple of weeks before the trees let them go.  It’s my favourite time to go for hikes and forage for goodies.  Yeah, not happening when you have pneumonia!  Luckily, Mother Nature treated me to some spectacular and strange sights out my window, including a few pink sunsets against our fall foliage and even snow!

Baby gifts

2016-10-26-11-26-31I have two friends due in February.  I thought as long as I was sick and lying around in bed, I could do at least something productive.  So I made this blanket-hat-bootie set for my one friend.  It’s a bit old fashioned, but I know she’ll like it.  I’ll post a tutorial later for sure.

2016-10-28-10-04-58And when that was done, I started on this more colourful baby blanket for my second friend.  It’s a bit of a stashbuster, and its completely free-hand as I go, so I don’t think there’ll be a tutorial to follow.

Delicious Goods

Butter Tart! A very Canadian treat
Tortiere, also a very Canadian food, usually for special occasions!
Roasted pumpkin seeds, this year I used butter. I’ll never go back to olive oil!
Clementine Cake. This is one of my favourite cakes. It’s basically clementines and almonds, it’s moist and gets better with age!

Once I started feeling better, I headed straight to the kitchen.  There will definitely be some tutorials and recipes to follow.  My house doesn’t feel like a home without the presence of baked goods!


The Big Day!!  My kids were stoked!  My daughter wore her costume to school where they had a party and parade.  Completely adorable!  My son declined to wear his costume to school, but they had a big dance-a-thon fundraiser, so he got to boogie down to some Spooky tunes and enjoy some Halloween treats.  We had our big Samhain feast the night before (Check out the Tortiere!), so we enjoyed leftovers and then hit the streets!  We live in the farming heartland of Ontario.  Our street is not farm-designated, but the street that runs perpendicular to us has several farms, with their homes facing into our little community.  In all there are maybe 30 families living here.  The house are well-spaced out, so the kids really have to cover a lot of ground when Trick-or-treating!  Our neighbors are so incredibly generous.  They not only give out full-sized chocolate bars, but entire goodie bags full of treats!  If we miss a house along the way, the neighbors will actually come to our door and deliver treats to the kids!!!  Just recently more young children have moved into our neighborhood, so it was fantastic to run into them a couple of times throughout the evening!  There have been years where it has been just our kids!

Well, I guess that catches us up!  I’m off to write my November Book of Days post, and maybe start on some of the tutorials from this one.  Cheers, everybody!