Blessing your Doorway

Make up a cleaning solution of hot water, lemon, and rosemary.  Clean the entire area with this solution using a deosil motion.  As you wash, imagine cleaning away negativity, wash away all the bad days that happen outside your home, and imagine that it is now washed away from your home as well.

Now you’re ready to bless it.  There are few ways you can do this:

  • Use olive oil to draw a protection symbol on the door (you could also use moonwater).  You could say a little incantation if you want, but most importantly just focus your energy on asking for blessings for your home.
  • Waft a protective incense over the area, or use smudging.
  • Simply light a candle at the door and let it burn all the way down then bury the remnant near the doorway.  Make sure no one is going to enter the door from the other side and knock over your candle!!

5c1568968a48caa274c3f1b4a2606c07Now your door has been cleansed and blessed, and you can call for protection.  My favourite way to do this is to make a wreath that includes a few strings of garlic (you know that idea about garlic scaring off vampires came from somewhere right?!).  I also put two crossed needles under my doormat.  You can put a pot of sage at the front door, or just drop some of the leaves on your porch.  Charged dill seeds can be buried right next to your door, or bury charged jasmine at the corners outside of your house.