As the days grow ever shorter and the nights ever longer, it is time to slow down.  Our ancestors knew this.  With the harvest in, and the winter stores prepared, it was time to look to home and hearth, and in sync with the rhythm of nature, it was time to sleep longer and work less.  In our modern times, it’s difficult to slow down.  Our jobs don’t stop with the harvest, and we still need to keep a busy pace.  But our biology has not caught up to our modern lives.  Now is a good time to pause, take stock and readjust our schedules to include more time to relax and rest.

Winter comes on silent feet

Drawing darkness in

The colder longer days increase

With each revolving spin

I will not fight the shorter hours

Ignoring nature’s calls

Instead I’ll slow my hectic pace

And rest as winter falls

The night invites me to my sleep

The dawn is slow to come

I slow my pace and calm my pulse

And march to nature’s drum

-Deborah Blake

Some ways to rest and relax during the darker days heading into and through winter

      • Take more baths.  A relaxing soak in the tub, with or without some steeped herbs, oils or Epsom salts.

        Image result for winter bath and fireplace
        This what my bath looks like when I close my eyes!
      • Read more books.Image result for koselig reading
      • Enjoy a relaxing drink by the fire, or under a snugly blanket by your best window.
      • Take up your knitting, crochet or other stitchwork.dsc_0074-2_edit
      • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night.
      • Enjoy your favourite comfort foods.Image result for koselig grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup
      • Take a leisurely walk on a crisp, fresh, cold day.Image result for dreamy winter walk
      • Warm up your milk, cider, tea, or wine.Image result for warm drink koselig
      • Do a puzzle.
      • Stretch more often, take up Yoga.
      • Take more naps.Image result for koselig nap
      • Allow yourself five or ten minutes a day to just stare out the window, enjoying the feeling of being warm and cozy inside.
Koselig Log Cabin Interior Photo
    • Wear fuzzy slippers and your plushest house-robe at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.Image result for koselig
    • Don’t overschedule yourself.  It’s fun to get outside, go to parties, ski, etc., but its also important to take time to just nurture yourself and relax.

What sorts of things do you do slow down in the dark days?