As I mentioned in my last post, I was suffering pretty badly from pneumonia these past several months.  It was so brutal to even make it through a day on the sofa!  I just had no energy.  The worst of it seemed to be that moment I felt fine and like a sloth for just hanging around on the sofa all day, and then I’d try to get up and do something, and instantly regret it!  So I went as far as planning my winter gardens, but I was much too late to get them going.

The idea of not having a garden, even during the winter is pretty depressing.  Thankfully, my husband knew just what to do and for Christmas I was gifted with my very first ever aerogarden.

This thing is amazing.  I’ve never experimented much with hydroponic gardening but this thing made it so easy!

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Set involved some quick assembly, then filling the tank with water and plant food (all explained for you), then plugging these little herb pods into the holes and capping them.  There’s even a little computerized control panel that tells you want to do.

This what it looks like today.  It tells you everything you need to know about taking care of your garden and its a bit like navigating a smart phone, super intuitive.

Check out these multicoloured, broad spectrum lights!  The machine even tells me how long to program the lights for optimal herb growth!!  Which, as it turns out, is that it turns on before I wake up in the morning and doesn’t go to bed until after I do!!  Long day for those herbs!

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This was Day3 and I already had some tiny spouts coming up!!

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This is about 20 days growth!!!!  I’d already had to start picking away at the basil to make sure it didn’t get spindly.

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And this is yesterday, Day26.  We’ve already been eating off it for a couple of weeks and I’m going to have to raise the lights soon (the light pad is adjustable).


I have to say, I had pretty great expectations of this thing to begin with, but it has exceeded them.  I’ve never had a winter garden grow this fast or be this bountiful.  It’s amazing even if it does make it look like we live on a space station. I wouldn’t give up my regular soup garden in the winter, I need a little dirt in my life.  But, I will certainly have this baby going year-round for herbs and I might even try some winter tomatoes next year!

After writing this, I’m feeling like a commercial.  I should make it clear that I have no been asked nor paid to write this article.  I do think it’s an expensive, but quality product.  If you check amazon regularly, they do go on sale!  If you want to buy one AND support this website, you can do so here: <a href="http://aerogardens“>Amazon Aerogardens or click on the picture below.  It doesn’t cost you any extra, but it helps me pay for the upkeep of this site.

Either way, if you were ever on the fence about this product, or if you see one on sale somewhere, I highly recommend it for winter gardening.