Today I went for a walk along the Nokiida Trail with my faithful pup Duke.  2017-02-22-10-43-04Duke loves a good walk in the winter weather, but I think today was a little too warm for him.  It was an interesting walk, because this is a record-breaking day for heat in Ontario.  It’s February 22nd, and usually we are encased in snow and enjoying below-zero temperature.  Today is going up to a high of 15!!  It’s been unseasonably warm all winter, and while we’ve had snow, we’ve had lots of melts we aren’t used to and today it was all ice and fog on the trail.

Icy trail.  Important to penguin walk!

I love this trail because it’s so easy to access in my community and it’s super easy to walk most of it with the pups.  It connects three local municipalities together, and some day I’ll walk it all in one shot!  In the spring, summer, and fall there’s plenty of wildlife to see, but even in winter there are signs of wildlife activity everywhere.  On this trip I saw both deer and raccoon tracks.

I also thought I saw some evidence of beaver activity in the form of scrapings and shufflings in the ice/snow that lead down to the water.  I didn’t expect to see the work of busy beavers in the dead of winter, but maybe with the weather warmed up they were doing some minor repairs on their dam.  I was also treated to the company of the family of ducks that live on that part of the Holland River, I can’t even imagine how frigid that water is!

Bleak maybe, but still beautiful.  The view from the Bridge.
The beaver dam full of litter 😦
My photography skills do not do justice to the colour of the moss on this tree!




Waaaaaay too early for spring, little buds.



Duke loves his walks, but he was glad to be home!

Well, it was a fun walk, and here’s the periscope video that I broadcast live if you’re interested: Nokiidaa Trail (Holland Landing) Feb 22, 2017