I’m always searching for ideas to get  my kids move involved with cooking.2017-02-16-17-19-35  While they have a fairly wide variety of foods they are willing eat, they don’t love trying new things.  One idea I recently discovered was making panzerottis with the kids.  My kids like to make pizza at home, so it only stands to reason that they would also like to make panzerottis, and it couldn’t be more simple!


  • Pizza dough, from the store or homemade
  • Pizza or spaghetti sauce, from the store or homemade
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Preferred pizza toppings


  1. Provide each person with a rectangle of pizza dough. If you’re using homemade dough, it should be about 1/8th of an inch thick.
  2. Spread a little sauce the whole piece of dough, leaving a little off the edges, so that when you close it sauce isn’t squeezing out.2017-02-16-17-20-50
  3. I like to add a little cheese to one half of the dough first.2017-02-16-17-22-01
  4. Next add whatever toppings you like to one side of the dough.  Make sure any meat toppings are precooked!  2017-02-16-17-23-27
  5. Sprinkle cheese over the toppings.
  6. Now fold the other piece over so that you’ve enveloped your toppings.2017-02-16-17-24-54
  7. Use a fork to seal the edges.
  8. Don’t forget to poke some holes in the top.  I like to put initials on top so that we know who’s panzerotti is whose before we open them.2017-02-16-17-27-16
  9. Bake them in the oven as directed by your dough instructions.2017-02-16-17-52-33
  10. Eat the remaining toppings while you wait for your panzerottis to be done!!2017-02-16-17-28-11