Tales of an Agnostic Hedge Witch

A Word about Herbs and Wildflowers

I like to include the traditional uses for herbs because it’s a part of their lore, and therefore important to me.  I don’t include it as medical advice: it is not medical advice.

You shouldn’t use herbs as medicine.  You should only use evidence-based practice when using herbs as anything other than food, and typically, unless you are a registered healthcare practitioner, you are probably not qualified to do so.  Also, it should be noted that medicine and treatments prescribed by a healthcare provider is the only way to really treat disease.  Herbs should be considered only for their nutritional purposes and ways they can contribute to overall health, not as treatment for disease.

I might eat some ginger to calm mild nausea, but I’m not going to try and diagnose and treat appendicitis with it, if you catch my meaning.  Likewise, for anything past mild nausea, in this house we use Gravol and if that doesn’t work, we go to the doctor.

I’d like to leave you with the wise words of Mandy Mitchell, author of Hedgewitch Book of Days:

The medicinal properties of herbs have been used–well, it seems like forever!  Traditionally our grandparents and those before them turned to herbs as medicine, with wise men and women handing out tinctures and brews for whatever ailed their patients.  As things progressed into more modern times, pharmacists used herbs to conjure up cures and to make pills.  So is it a shame that modern medicine reaches for synthetic substances rather than the natural remedies our ancestors used?

I believe it’s not.  Oh no! This modern Hedgewitch thinks we are blessed to live in the times we do, and that every new step on the road to treating and curing disease is amazing.  there are so many talented scientists out there doing all they can to cure of us of our ailments.  I believe they should be celebrated.  They are the wise men and women of today and we would be in a right storry old state if they didn’t discover and test and ultimately produce the medicines that they do.  I really believe that if our ancestors had access to what we have today, they would grab it with both hands and run with it.

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